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South Toole County Cemetery District

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Mountain View (City of Shelby)

Valley View (City of Shelby)

Dunkirk Cemetery

Devon Cemetery

Galata Cemetery

St. Olaf Cemetery

Omholt Cemetery

GrandView Cemetery

Aloe Cemetery

Meetings of the South Toole County Cemetery District are the 3rd Thursday of each month. The meetings are held in the Ambulance Building, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Board Members:
Jeanne Wigen, Chair (406) 432-2345
Roger Smedsrud (406) 434-2090
Hyer McKechnie (406) 432-2296
Dave Miller (406) 424-8313

Pat Kline (406) 450-1301

Elaine Mitchell (406) 450-7012.


Rules and Regulations

  1. Sexton (under the direction of the cemetery board) is in charge of the cemetery; he/she must be consulted regarding the following:
    • Setting of stones.
    • Planting of shrubbery of any kind.
    • Placing of vases or containers.
    For any extra work you wish on your lots, please contact the sexton and make arrangements.
  2. Cemetery is under perpetual care and is mowed, watered and cleaned by the sexton, but there is no objection to lot owners mowing or planting their own lots to grass.
  3. No curbs are allowed around lots.
  4. No planting of trees or bushes on any lots.
  5. Stay on the roads and designated parking area with vehicles.
  6. The district assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to any type of grave marker, ornament or floral arrangement placed on graves.
  7. From April 15 until four (4) days before Memorial Day, it is the clean-up period; all floral arrangements must be removed from the graves.
  8. Only flat markers will be allowed in the Valley View Cemetery, as well as in the Veterans' Plot of the Mountain View Cemetery.
  9. Maximum size of markers allowed in the Veterans' Plot is 12" x 24", including the pad.
  10. Only Veterans and/or their spouse are allowed to be buried in the Veterans' Plot. (Spouse meaning current spouse.)

Do not hesitate to ask the sexton or officers for any information. Thanks for your cooperation in helping us to keep our cemeteries attractive.

(The above rules were revised and adopted on September 6, 2001.)


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