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205 Carbon Street • Shelby, MT 59474 • 406-434-2742
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Location: 205 Carbon Street, Shelby MT 59474
Mailing Address: 226 1st Street South, Shelby MT 59474

Hours: Mon - Thurss, 7 am - 5:30 pm, Closed on Holidays

The Toole County Road Department has 14 employees. Lloyd Omdahl is the Road Supervisor for Toole County, and Jim Ghekiere is the Weed Supervisor.

The crew prepares gravel for the 1,187 miles of roads in the county.

The Toole County Weed Department employees 4 to 6 seasonal employees. They will be out spraying weeds in the county from late May to late August. Most of the seasonal employees are college students and we welcome them back each year.

The Toole County Road Board consists of six community members, Lloyd Omdahl, road/weed supervisor, and Joe Pehan, County Commissioner. The board members hold their position for a four year term. The county is divided into six sections, each member is a representative for a section. 

Your tax dollars are hard at work plowing, grading, maintaining roads, signs and weeds.

Lloyd Omdahl, Road Supervisor

Jim Ghekiere, Weed Supervisor


Toole County Road Board

Name Area Represented Phone #
Jurgen Wigen, Chairman Central Toole County 432-2616
Matt Clark Northeast Toole County 937-6925
Dave Sandon North Central Toole County 937-3355
Roger Smedsrud Southeast Toole County 434-9020
Bill Meech Southwest Toole County 434-2708
Bert Baldwin Northwest Toole County 937-3110
Joe Pehan Commission Representative 424-8314



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