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Disaster & Emergency Services (DES)

100 E. Main • Shelby, MT 59474 • 406-450-6261


Toole County Disaster and Emergency Services
Coordinator: Cindy Combs
100 E. Main
Shelby, MT 59474

DES Cell: 406-450-6261

Disaster and Emergency Services is responsible for applying the four phases of Emergency Management (Planning, Response, Recovery and Mitigation) to planning efforts directed to protecting our people, property and the environment. Toole County has plans in place for both man-made and natural hazards that could befall us. Our office works closely with Emergency Medical Services, the hospital, Law Enforcement and Fire services, including the private sector and different levels of government to ensure a prompt, rapid response to an emergency or disaster, and the following recovery period.

Every county and Native American tribe in Montana has a County (or Tribal) Coordinator and a Deputy Coordinator who "coordinates" all the response agencies in their jurisdiction so all can work together effectively and efficiently. A combination of training and exercises help us work any problems through.

DES is also a liaison between the local level and the State and Federal levels if State or Federal resources are needed to help with an emergency or disaster. DES works very closely with State DES, which is a division of the State of Montana Department of Military Affairs.

In closing, we plan and train for the worst in hopes it never happens.

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