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The TCSD is a combined city/county law enforcement agency. It provides service to Toole County as well as the incorporated cities of Shelby, Kevin and Sunburst. It is administered by the elected County Sheriff (Donna Whitt), and is overseen by the Toole County Public Safety Commission. The Commission has five members with two being appointed by the Toole County Commissioners and two being appointed by the Shelby City Council. The fifth Commissioner is agreed upon by both parties.

Deputy Sheriff Application Information [PDF]

TCSO Current Structure

Sheriff (overall command of the department)
Donna Whitt

Undersheriff (oversees the department's investigations, dispatch center, and civil department)
Ryan Larson

Cody Donahue
Jeff Robins
Matt Kultgen
Andrew McFarland

Patrol Staff/Deputy Sheriffs (Patrol division deputies conduct the day to day patrol, investigations and law enforcement in Toole County)
Chance Barker
Jacob Parker
Tyler Foss
Travern Smith
Tyler Padilla
Cavin Fields
Ronald K. Kinyon
Jared Anderson

Detention Officers:
Paul Banik
Stephen Halcott
Michele Russell

Reserve Deputies: (volunteers who assist and provide back-up to regular duty officers)
Lyle Benjamin

Brenda Nanini – Head Dispatcher/TAC/Office Assistant
Cindy Meek
Doug Christoferson
Bill Lucchese
Mercedes Halcott

Administrative and Civil Staff:
Deb Skartved – Administrative Assistant/Civil Clerk


Civil Process

All civil papers must be accompanied by a signed praecipe (a letter of instruction providing a valid physical address for the person being served). -Directing the Sheriff to serve process or perform an enforcement action is required with all legal documents. Specific addresses of the person or business to be served are required to effect service. The Civil Division does not provide investigative services to determine the whereabouts of the person to be served. A home or work physical address for the person to be served must be provided by the party requesting service in the Sheriff's Instruction or Praecipe. Please provide an original or certified copy and a service copy of your documents. Please include an address to return the documents to.

A Sheriff's sale requires a notarized Affidavit of Storage which includes a description of the property with an identifying number and the fees associated with it. A copy can be obtained at the Sheriff's Office

Payment for all civil process is required in advance. The cost per service is $50.00 for Summons, Subpoena's, Small Claims, Writs, Postings, and Notices. The cost for Sheriff Sale is $100.00 plus expenses. There will also be a $5.00 fee if you need a document notarized. All fees are non refundable. Please make your check or money order payable to Toole County Sheriff's Office and send to:

Toole County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 550
Shelby, MT 59474


Freedom of Information Act

The Montana public records law under Montana Code 2-6-1001 et seq. states that citizens are entitled to public records in the state. Please visit the Sheriff's Office or send a written request to request records. The cost for obtaining records is $1.00 per page for incident reports, $2.00 per accident report, and $5 per disc for photos.


Concealed Weapon Permits

To qualify for a CWP, you must be a Montana citizen for at least 6 months, be a US citizen, and be at least 18 years of age. You may obtain a permit application at the Sheriff's Office or you may print the form below. The cost for application is $50.00 and the cost for a renewal is $25.00 which is payable to the Toole County Sheriff's Office.

Montana Laws and Regulations regarding Concealed Carry Permits

CWP Application [PDF]


Resources & Links

Driving Record

Driving Safely: DUI and Seatbelt Use

Montana DOJ Background Checks

Montana Highway Patrol

Montana Meth Project

Montana Sheriff's and Peace Officer Association

Montana Traffic Laws

Sexual or Violent Offenders Registry



Trainings and Updates to TCSD Equipment & Structures

Trainings Attended by Toole County Sheriff's Department Staff

  • FBI Executive Command College
  • ARIDE (Advanced, Roadside, Impaired Driving, Enforcement)
  • Montana Use of Force Symposium
  • Mental Health Intervention Training
  • Incident Command Systems 100 and 700
  • FBI Firearms Training
  • Northern Area Intelligence Conference
  • MACO Risk Management Convention
  • MLEA Policy Review Committee
  • US Border Patrol ATV Patrol Training
  • US Border Patrol ATV Patrol Instructor Training
  • Street Survival
  • Reid Interview and Interrogation
  • In Custody Death/Excited Delirium
  • Montana Department of Justice Intelligence Conference
  • Managing Small Jails
  • Montana Law Enforcement Officer BASIC Equivalency
  • Corrections and Detention BASIC
  • Montana Mental Health Symposium
  • Child Safety Restraint Training
  • TASER X26 Instructor Course
  • Women in Law Enforcement Street Survival
  • Jail Management –Combined Sheriff/Administrator/County Commissioner Training
  • Ground Defense
  • Weaponless Defensive Tactics
  • Tactical Training

Updates to Equipment/Structures

  • 2 ATV Units for Patrol and Response
  • Trailer to Carry and Deploy ATVs
  • Long Term Records Storage Container Project
  • Sheriff's Pistol Range Improvements
  • Purchase and Equip. Ford Expedition Patrol Unit
  • 2 Dodge Durango 4x4 Patrol Vehicles (in addition to regular patrol vehicle fleet)
  • Mechanical (heating/cooling) Plant for the Sheriff's Department
  • Re-modeled Administrative Office Areas
  • New Handguns (Smith and Wesson .40 cal M&P)
  • Watch Guard in Car Video Systems
  • Rugged CCTV Digital in Office Jail Monitoring System
  • Olympus Digital Audio Recorders
  • Kustom Signal DS Pro 1000 Radar Units
  • Intoxilizer Portable Breath Test Units (PBT)
  • Emergency Restraint Chair
  • HP Digital Cameras
  • Voice Print Digital Audio Recording System
  • HT750 Motorola Portable Radios
  • Impound Lot Expansion/Fencing Project
  • Digital Interview Room

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